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  • Outfitting Your First Kitchen for as Cheaply as Possible

    One of the most important rites of passage someone can go through is living on their own for the first time. When this actually becomes a reality, though, many people find that actually being responsible for their own laundry, shopping and especially cooking is a bigger burden than they had thought.

    In addition, many single-bedroom apartments have a kitchen the size of a shoebox and money is likely to be tight. Never fear, though: it really is possible to create a compact kitchen on a budget by knowing what is important and what you can do without, and opting for substance over hype. The main criteria for the appliances and equipment listed below are space-efficiency, ease of cleaning and having multiple uses – all issues that will be close to the heart of anyone creating their own home for the first time.

    Choosing Knives

    Mise en place, or cutting stuff up, almost always takes up more time and effort than the actual cooking and stirring. For this reason, the best possible investment you can make in your kitchen is paying a few dollars extra for a set of knives you’ll be using for years to come.

    Everyone’s requirements are different, so read some detailed reviews at Cut it Fine before making your choice. Keep in mind that having more knives doesn’t automatically make your life easier: most professional chefs only use a wide-bladed knife, a paring knife and perhaps a serrated blade for all but the most specialized tasks.

    An Induction Stove

    Unless your new home comes equipped with a cooker, your best bet is likely to be buying a countertop model with two burners (so you can use one to cook, say, pasta while the sauce simmers in the other). There’s a strong temptation to go for the cheapest option, namely a $30 to $40 stove with spiral electric elements.

    This is really not economical in the long run. It’s a virtual certainty that you’ll end up replacing it within three months. Even worse, they often break not by the element burning out but by the switch fusing shut, meaning that it will just keep getting hotter and hotter until something gives. Induction cookers, by contrast, are safe to leave on unattended, inexpensive and can usually be cleaned just by wiping with a damp rag.


    A genuine cast-iron skillet and a heavy-bottomed saucepan are very nice to have, but in reality aren’t worth breaking the bank over. The best advice here is actually to buy crap and replace items when you can afford it. For most people, a frying pan, a small (18 cm) and large (24 cm) pot will be all that’s needed. If you’ve chosen to go the induction route, just make sure a magnet sticks to them, or they won’t work.

    A Toaster Oven

    If you plan on cooking for yourself without going to a lot of trouble or getting bored to tears, a tiny electrical oven is a necessity. These typically cost under $50 and can accommodate a quite respectably sized pizza, casserole tray or cake mold. If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like cold cereal for breakfast, you’ll also be happy to know that muffin batter can take only 5 minutes to mix and another 15 to bake.

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  • Curly hair? Yes Please!

    Curly hairLet’s accept, we women love to look good, and can go to exceptional lengths just to achieve this,especially since the introduction of curly hair. However, it is hard to achieve this with damaged ends to your hair. Most women have been able to hide this chagrin situation with the use of weaves. Good news, whether you are maintaining weaves, or going natural, flawless hair can still be achieved and this is how.

    There are basically three kinds of irons used to change the structure of the hair using heat. In this article we will focus on the special one, the curling iron. It is a tong or a heated rod used to create lovely waves or curls on the hair using heat. For women with a wider face, smaller barrels in diameter are most recommended since they contrive ringlets or spiral waves that make the face less full, and for women with narrower face, larger once are advised. This is because it gives shape and volume to a hairstyle.

    If you have damaged ends, holding the end of your hair in between the metal plates, actually gives it a lot of sleekness and shine. In addition, it gives one as well, a flat, soft curl, that is beautifully curled from the root to the tip which is wonderful to feel as well. With that said, just like any product in the market, tongs also have their pros and cons.


    # If you are the kind that likes to take their time to perfect, then this is for you. This is because waving your hair can take a long time, especially if you want it to look perfect. Different people have different hair. Therefore the thicker the hair, the longer it is going to take.
    # Whorling uses heat which is not good for the hair. Heat can cause split ends and permanent damage to the hair. It should therefore not be a daily activity to save the heat, as well as your hair.


    # It depends on the kind you are using. Heating rods that lack clamps normally form breath taking hair waves.
    # It has several heat settings, and mostly applies to those that actually have clamps. It costs only about $30, hence, making it affordable, and can design super cute waves.

    If you want to achieve a smooth wave, then it is good to invest in this product,so as to get one that works really well. This in turn will save time when getting out of bed, and money that you would have used if compared to the purchase of a poor quality kind of product.

    According to the 2015 curling reviews,the best hair types for heating rods are fine, curly and coarse types. Depending on performance and versatility, it is advisable to use spring clamps, and for precautionary or safety measures, it is best to use an automatic shut off rod, swivel cord glove and/or a heat resistant glove.

    With that said,this product is a must have! And at That’s Foxy you can learn about anything you need to know before buying one, I suggest you take a peek.

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  • A Comparative Discussion Between Continuous And Batch Feed Disposals

    Among all the house hold essentials you might have, you cannot deny the importance of garbage disposals in your kitchen sink. Imagine how your kitchen will, and for that matter your entire house will smell without a proper garbage disposal system. There are broadly two types of garbage disposals, the continuous feed and the batch feed. In this article we are going to discuss the pros and cons of both the systems.

    Continuous Feed:

    As the name suggests, a continuous feed garbage disposal system starts running the moment it is switched on. They keep on grinding the garbage continuously as it comes. Following are some merits and demerits of continuous feed systems.

    Pros:garbage disposal

    • They are the ideal models for homes where a large amount of waste accumulation is very regular. The continuous grinding and disposal of the waste keeps the kitchen clean and hygienic.
    • It is cheaper and thus holds a better market nowadays.
    • If you are really busy in the kitchen or cooking for a huge volume of guests, you can peacefully keep on trashing
    • the wastes down the disposal without worrying about the clogging of kitchen sink pipe.


    • It can be a little unsafe if you are not careful enough. Since the power is always running, if you accidentally slide a spoon down the sink, a great deal of damage could be done before you can actually manage to power it off.
    • Since it is continuously powered on, you may be getting a little bit of hike in the utility bills.
    • The water usage will be more as a continuous flow will be required.

    Batch Feed:

    In this type of disposal, the waste is ground in phases or batches. In the coming paragraphs we are going to discuss some advantages and disadvantages of this system.


    • If the waste generation at your home is not much, then this is the best option for you.
    • These models come with a stopper in the opening to stop unnecessary things from going into it accidentally, thus preventing accidents.
    • With batch feed models, you need to fill the chamber first and then power on when you need a disposal. Thus if some foreign body is dropped, it can be removed before running the power.


    • For larger amount of waste this is not a good choice.
    • Since you need not power on while disposing, people have the tendency to deposit wastes in the chamber to grind them together when they have more time. But this leads to rotting of foods and other degradable waste causing several bio-hazards.

    Now you have got some specific ideas about how the two systems work. Hence you can decide which one is the best suited for your kitchen and needs.

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  • The Carpet Cleaner For Clean And Shiny Carpets Every Time

    HooverSteamVacCarperWasherCleaning carpets can be difficult, especially with the traditional cleaning techniques, but new age carpet cleaners like the Hoover SteamVac make this job very easy and effortless. Here are a few features of this awesome carpet cleaner.

    • Two separate tanks are provided, one to hold the cleaning solution and the other to collect the dirt. This makes preparing and cleaning the carpets very easy.
    • Forced heat technology can dry up the carpets in no time after cleaning. This is a big time saver for most people.
    • Easy to clean. Not only does the Hoover SteamVac clean the carpets perfectly, but it is also easy to clean the brushes of the cleaner after the use. This is a great benefit as most of the times it is very hard to clean the cleaners themselves.
    • Thanks to the SpringScrub technology, the brushes of the Hoover SteamVac rotate in all angles which make it easy to get a deep clean.
    • Extension head, brushes and tools make it a child’s play to clean stair carpets and other upholstery with this cleaner.

    As you can clearly see, the Hoover SteamVac is a perfect choice for keeping your home carpets neat and clean. If you are carpet lover, you must give this product a try.

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  • Pull-Out vs Pull-Down Faucets

    In the market of kitchen faucets, the pull out and pull down models have enjoyed a huge dominance in the recent days. Both are quite reliable and user friendly models of faucets but the similarity of look and feel often renders the buyers in confusion as in which will be the best suited model for them. The buyers are not to be blamed for this. Most of the pull out and pull down models have the same kind of get up where the spout and the handle are attached with each other and a spray hose nestles inside the spout when not in use.

    kitchen faucetsBut there are some fairly reasonable differences as well with the two models to distinguish them physically. The pull down faucet has a taller spout thus it is ideal for sinks which have less overhead area. The actual spray hose may be much shorter compared to the spout. A pull out faucet on the other hand houses a shorter spout but a longer spray head for added flexibility. This is ideal if you want to pour water into bowls or dishes from the counter rather than the sink itself.

    Of course, there’s a lot more to it, but I suggest you visit Faucet Assistant if you want to know in more detail what the differences are.

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  • Are Memory Foam Mattress Really the Best?

    memory foamMemory foam mattresses are the latest technology in the bedding industry and have conquered it immediately. Following are some good reasons behind that and some negatives as well.


    • Eases joint aches and muscle pain.
    • Easily available in the market at cheaper rate.
    • Takes the shape of your body creating a comfortable experience.
    • Supports critical pressure points of your body thus reducing the chances of body aches.
    • It is bacteria resistant.


    • It generates heat while adjusting to body shape and temperature.
    • It sometimes produces strong to moderate odor during its newer days.
    • It takes some time to get adjusted to its actual shape and size after being unpacked so you cannot use it as soon as you get it.

    Every single thing has its benefits and flaws, but at the end the buyer has to be careful enough to select the mattress keeping his comfort level in mind. Based on the points by Foam Nights, you can decide on memory foam or not.

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  • Low Profile Or Raised – Which Air Mattress To Choose

    Serta EZ BedWhen it comes to buying air mattresses, the first things you look for is the comfort and the ease of inflating/deflating the mattress. But you would be amazed to know that the height of the air mattress also plays a key role. Here is what Sleep on Air says.

    Raised Air Mattresses

    These mattresses provide the feel of regular beds due to their height but can cause a nuisance if you have toddlers in the house. Kids can easily roll over the edges while they are asleep. But raised mattresses are great for the elderly or people who have knee problems.

    Low Profile Mattresses

    Perfect if you have kids in the house. Not so good if you have knee problems or hate getting up and sitting down on the floor all the time.

    Comfort wise, both the types of mattresses will do a pretty good job. It is your call which one you would prefer and why.

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  • Why Should You Choose Washlets?

    TOTO SW554-12 Washlet S300 Elongated Front Toilet SeatWashlet is a trademark from Japanese toilet makers TOTO, and it means it’s a toilet where an automated stream of water is used for washing instead of papers. Some toilets offer washing only one part while some have oscillating nozzles that move back and forth to do the washing.

    Some washlets come with heated toilet seats for added comfort while some models let you control the temperature of the water as well. TOTO has introduced Washlet add on for some of their older toilet models that did not have the washlet facility.

    The washlet function is usually controlled by buttons. Once you buy a model with washlet or install washlet function in your existing toilet, buttons are also installed. Just press the button for the function you want and it is done.

    Of course, washlets let you forget the messiness of toilet papers. They keep infection from germs to a minimum. Since the usage of toilet papers is minimized, they are quite very environment-friendly as well.

    Right now many washlet model toilets are available in the market. If you are looking for more comfort in your toilet or are just health conscious, opting for one seems very reasonable.

    More information at this website.

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  • Pros and Cons of Home Security Systems

    Home Security SystemsThe increasing volume of crime in modern days has compelled a lot of people giving home security a special thought. There are quite a few varieties of security systems that can be chosen from, the monitoring cameras and a full-fledged security system being the most wanted of them all.

    Security Systems

    These are typically used to cover larger premises like a large commercial area, shopping mall, departmental store or large office spaces.

    • It helps you record footage and store them for future use.
    • The recording of videos can be stored up to a space of 1TB for future reference. These recordings can be accessed remotely from different places if networked properly.
    • In a whole system the display unit can be divided over more than one camera thus it is easier to vigil more than one place.
    • It may come with alarms and other surveillance features.
    • PTZ, night vision, water and fire-proof facility are also very common in the package.


    • Highly complex system thus needs expert help to install.
    • More expensive.
    • The setup is not very flexible.

    Choose either a single monitoring camera or a whole house security system to keep your possessions and loved ones secure. You won’t regret it.

    For more information please visit Home Security View.

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