Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Round Buns From The Bakery

I absolutely had to name my blog post the way I did. I mean, look at the picture on your left.... I placed this BBQ Pork Bun smack in the middle of a white round plate...and just look at it. It's picture perfect, like a perfectly cracked egg. Let me tell you,  when I first saw that bun I wanted to pet it. Yes, you read correctly. I WANTED TO PET IT. Why? Because it looks sooooo smooth! I wanted to run my finger across the top of it because it's so smooth,  round, and so perfect...so perfect that it doesn't even look real (actually, I have the tendency to want to do the same thing when I see a perfectly shaped Filet-o-Fish bun from McDonalds). Am I the weird? Am I the only person on earth that has this urge? If so, I apologize in advance. Please don't judge me.

I know most of you may not care for buns from Chinese bakeries, but I had to get these. Not only because they were round, big, and cost like 80 cents for one (and no tax when you buy six!), but  there were some new variations of old favorites that made me go "OMG!", and some completely new ones that made me go "Huh?"and "Really?".  So being Chinese, I bought six although I had no intention of eating all six (I only had one, and left the rest for my boyfriend). I actually just wanted to take pretty pictures of them (I threw out the plastic wrap for each just so I can take the pictures...bye bye freshness!)

See? All soooo round (except the middle one)

Green Tea Bun: This is the one that made me go "Huh?" 

Although I doubt there there's any actual green tea on or in this
entire bun, I would still eat it! Oh yeah, and
 cheers to food coloring!

Mango Cheese Bun: This one made me go "Really?" because this
combo sounds weird. But I'm open to trying new things! I love mango,
and I love cheese. So can't go wrong, right? Just hope my boyfriend
didn't eat it yet.

Pineapple Bun: One of my all-time favorites! This bun actually does
not contain any pineapples at all (and its supposed to be that way)

BBQ Pork Bun: Although this is very round and I wanted to pet it
(haha), I admit that it is not the most exciting looking bun.

Chocolate Pineapple Bun: My first reaction was "OMG!". Pineapple
buns are already one of my all-time favorites, but to see chocolate
and chocolate chips on it?! This was obviously the one I ate =) It was
pretty good too! The chocolate wasn't too sweet or overpowering - I still
felt like I was eating a Chinese bun and not a chocolate dip donut. Definitely
a good spin a traditional favorite.

Not sure if you noticed but I only took pictures of five buns. The sixth one is a Curry Chicken Bun, which looks exactly the same as the BBQ Pork Bun besides having some green herby stuff on it. So again, not too exciting. 

I was actually surprised to see that this bakery I went to did not have those Coconut Buns (or "Chicken Tail Buns" in Chinglish). Those are classic! 


AC said...

yummy!! K, you are not weird. I would totally pet that bun too! I feel the same with a a Filet-O-Fish hahaha
These look awesome! Maybe I should get back into eating chinese buns...i love the chicken pies...k its not a bun but still a popular chinese pastery.

The Food Junkie said...

OK good it's not only me *whew*~ Yeah Chinese buns arer pretty good once in awhile =)

Joanna said...

Stella! I ALWAYS feel up the McD's filet-o-fish buns too! Just can't resist...it's so smooth, it reflects light!! =) So you're definitely not alone.
I wouldn't mind trying the chocolate pineapple bun, does it taste chocolatey or does it taste like the original crusty coating at the top of the bun? (I really don't know why they call it a pineapple bun, don't think it tastes anything like it)

The Food Junkie said...

Hey Jo~ Haha YES it the filet-o-fish bun DOES reflect light now that you mentioned it LOL!!! Very nice to know that I'm not the only one =)

As for the chocolate pineapple bun, it's actually not that chocolatey...I think they probably just added some cocoa powder to the original crust mixture. I would've preferred more chocolate too.

johnnie said...

my fav is the pineapple bun. i love warming it up a bit and having a slab of butter (not margarine) in the middle of it. mmm

The Food Junkie said...

OooOooo I've never tried doing that...definitely will test that out!

Kristen said...

you are definitely not weird for petting your buns lol. i do the same thing with fish filets and pork buns. my family thinks i'm nuts.

The Food Junkie said...

Wow you girls are all coming out with the same confession huh? =) Since Johnnie didn't mention that he likes petting buns (haha) maybe it's a girl thing???

Leesh said...

I love chinese buns. I discovered a place in Chinatown that sells BBQ Pork buns 3 for $1. I also like their Curried Beef buns.

I am curious though as to where you bought these perfectly round buns?

The Food Junkie said...

Leesh - whoa! 3 for $1?? Are they good? How big are they? If they are tasty then thats a crazy good deal.

Oh i bought these at a bakery at First Markham Place. It's the bakery right beside the food court. And like most bakeries, no tax when you buy 6 or more buns.

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