Friday, April 9, 2010

The School Gets an A+

I like school (yes even the ones that involve studying), but I have another thing going with The School & Bakery Cafe. I like their concept, I like their decor, and most importantly, I like their food!  I've been there 3 times now, and I would go again in a heart beat. It is one of my favorite spots for brunch.

I have read reviews where people claim that the food is mediocre, and the waiters are terrible. Well, obviously I can't say I agree since I just said The School & Bakery Cafe is one of my favorite brunch places. First of all, I like their food. If you check their menu, there is certainly a wide variety - fresh bakery goodies, fruit, crepes & waffles, french toast & pancakes, and savory plates. The portions are just right, and I don't think their prices are unreasonable at all. As for the bad service, maybe I need to go a 4th time to experience it? Not sure, because for 3 times I went, I really didn't find a problem at all. It can get really packed and very busy during brunch there too, so I don't know about anybody else, but given those circumstances, I don't expect waiters to be standing around doing nothing, waiting to serve, or be able to appear right at your side when you need them - they ARE going to be roaming around trying to keep up with taking orders, bringing out food, bringing in plates, and other waiter duties. In my point of view, cut them some slack! This is not fine dining! Also, if you are in a hurry to go some place on a Sunday morning, have you considered that maybe brunch is not your thing? Weekend brunch is meant to be a relaxing meal, and not part of a hectic schedule where you only allot 30 minutes for it. You must enjoy brunch without a time constraint. Better yet, take a nap afterwards! Ok, rant done. Moving on.

I have included pictures from all my 3 visits to The School & Bakery Cafe (some have no captions because I forgot what they are). Seeing these pictures again make me want to go back right now!

These yummy looking pastries were all on the counter to the
right of the waiting area. I just want to grab and eat everything

These scones are huge.
Freshly made breads just keep coming out of the oven.

The kitchen is organized and efficient. So hungry by now. Waiting in 
a resto with an open kitchen drives me nuts.
Their menus change often. 
Lemon and blueberry mini scones (2 each). Very buttery and soft
A very tall chocolate cupcake

Toblerone Banana Belgian Waffle
Strawberry Shortcake Buttermilk Pancakes

Hope my 4th time will be soon! *hint hint*.


Vickie said...

Haha... wanted to go when it first open but after reading the reviews online... i backed out... but since you recomended it and the pics look great, I gave it a shot last week.... and i totally agree with you... I Love it !!!! and it's in my Top 5 Brunch place to go right now =)

Thanks for the recommendation !!!!

The Food Junkie said...

Oh good! I'm SO glad you liked it! =) I wouldv'e felt bad if you had a bad experience there LOL~ I still have to go to Lola's Commissionary because that "French toast stuffed with cheesecake" you had looked so delicious!

AC said...

OMG...can we please go? or take me when you go on your 4th visit? I started drooling at the first picture of black forest cookies!

The Food Junkie said...

Yeah let's go soon :)

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