Monday, July 26, 2010

Duggan's Brewery

My colleagues took me out to lunch for my birthday awhile back. Before heading out, they asked me where I wanted to go. The first place that popped into my head was the Beer Bistro (I haven't had their frites in ages, cravingggg even right now). Unfortunately, one of my bosses took a client there for lunch the week before and politely asked if I can make another suggestion. What can I say? "No its my birthday and I call the shots"? Um. No. Not really. So I thought for awhile, then remembered seeing a foodie friend's pictures of her dinner at Duggan's Brewery on Facebook before and the food looked quite good. I suggested Duggan's Brewery and off we went. It is literally a two minute walk from my work. 

I don't really drink beer. I find that it fills me up too quickly so I usually pass on it. But this never deters me from going to a pub as long as they have good food and good munchies. My colleagues ordered the first two beer on the list below: German pils and Asian Lager (pictured above).

I love poutine and I love duck confit, therefore it was a no brainer that I order this:

Duck Confit Poutine - House cut golden brown chips, roast pan gravy and cheese curds.

This poutine was really tasty - had a lot of cheese and duck confit! The fries were aIso done just right. I  was stuffed after finishing the whole thing (the poutine is under "Starts and Snacks").

My colleagues had the following:

Lamb shank - Porter braised lamb shanks, Ulster style champ potatoes. She said although the meat is very tender and soft, the lamb lacked a lot of flavour and was very bland.

The Poacher Pizza - Caramelized onion, Cremini mushroom, French herb, Duck confit. My colleage said this was good. That was it. A man of few words. By the way this pizza was HUGE.

House made corned beef shaved sandwich with horseradish mayo and house pickle. He also ordered a side of beet salad - musclin mix, baby beets, shaved fennel, orange segments, beemster cheese and a house red wine vinegarrette topped with toasted almonds. Again, he said it was "good".

For dessert, we each ordered a Cinnamon Stout Creme Brulee. We all thought this was horrible. Once the top layer is broken, we noticed how the texture of the creme brulee was so liquidity and thin, watery almost. As for the taste, it was all cinnamon, it could've been called "Cinnamon Creme Brulee" for all I know. This was one very very poorly made creme brulee. 

Aside from the Creme Brulee, I liked Duggan's - it is a high end pub that doesn't serve your typical pub food but rather food that you will find at a nice restaurant.


Mike Di Caro said...

I've been wanting to check-out Duggan's but it completely slipped my mind. It sounds like the main draw is the on-site brewed beer (but that should be a given since it's the brainchild of the founder of Mill Street) with food being solid but not spectacular. Did anyone try the No. 9 IPA? I know it's a well regarded west coast style IPA and its recipe proceeded the brew pub.

The Food Junkie said...

Thanks for your comment, Mike. Yeah it seems like the beer selection at Duggan's is quite good but I'm the wrong person to comment or ask in terms of beer because I hardly even drink it hehe~ But no, to answer your question, I don't think anyone tried No. 9. Maybe I should give it a try next time I go? ^_^ Thx for the info =)

Mike D said...

So you enjoyed the Beer Bistro & wanted to go to Duggan's but you're not really into beer? That's being pretty adventurous. A well made IPA (especially one that uses Cascade hops from the West Coast) has a nice piney, grapefruit & refreshingly bitter taste. Although that's the dominant flavour profile it should be balanced with some malty sweetness. If that appeals to you Duggan's is good. If you really like the taste of hops New York's Southern Tier IPA, Delaware's Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA or Michigan's Bell's Two Heart Ale are another level-up.

The Food Junkie said...

Hi Mike. Yup! Although every time I go to Beer Bistro I actually order beer =) I randomly pick one each time I go haha and end up enjoying it. But yeah, I like Beer Bistro because I love the food there too~ Wow you really know your alcohol! I'm trying to absorb all that, should take notes actually ^_^

Joseph Lavoie said...

I went to Duggan's for the first time last weekend for the beer and it is 100% worth the visit if beer is your thing. I had three different beers and was blown away by them all.

The Food Junkie said...

Thanks for your comment, Joseph. It's great how both you and Mike gave input about the beer at Duggan's, which is much needed for this post haha :)

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