Friday, July 9, 2010

Ed's Real Scoop

Nothing beats ice cream on a hot day, and with the heat wave all this week in Toronto, I think everyone deserves some ice cream! Ice cream makes everything better (even Mondays) and since it is SO hot, you deserve some GOOD ice cream and not the cheapo Neapolitan ice cream from the supermarket. Yes, go treat yourself, go to Ed's Real Scoop.

It wasn't a hot day when I went, nor was it a Monday - I went on my birthday (it was a Sunday). I went to Ed's Real Scoop after having my burger dinner at The Drake Hotel. I purposely didn't order dessert there because I wanted to come try this place out. 

Ed's Real Scoop has been around for 10 years with two locations: one in Leslieville (the one I went to), and one at the Beaches (the original one). All the ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt, and gelato are homemade (made in-house). They also have homemade chocolates and candies, sundaes, floats and milkshakes. There are also items for Vegans as well.

I just noticed as I'm blogging right now that they have a hot drinks menu? Puzzles me why anyone would order hot drinks at Ed's Real Scoop. Anyway, what do I know? I digress. 

Once you walk into the store, all you can smell is "sweet", which is for me, an essential requirement for a good ice cream store. The servers were super friendly and told us that we can try whatever flavor we want.

They have many many flavours available (see the list here), what a crazy selection! What's great about this place is that they also have a lot seasonal flavours too, such as strawberry rhubarb, PB and Jelly, lemon meringue, carrot cake ice cream, caramel swirl cheesecake and many more. My only complaint is that having such a wide selection makes decision making so much more difficult - I wanted to try everything. I guess I could always get a to-go pint for $7.

Since I'm more of an ice cream fan than a gelato / frozen yogurt / sorbet fan, I naturally got ice-cream. Burnt marshmallow sounds interesting to me (well more like I've heard people talk about it already and knew I would get it anyway hehe).

I got the blueberry pie as well - so two scoops in a cup with the burnt marshmallow underneath the blueberry pie (I heard from somewhere that they can also mix for one scoop). We sat on the bench outside and people watched while enjoying our ice cream (there is seating inside the store too).

Both flavors were delicious. I find that the burnt marshmallow tasted a bit like caramel; the flavour was strong, it was sweet, yet a bit bitter at the same time, I loved it! The blueberry pie was creamy and tasty as well - I can taste the real blueberries (not blueberry artificial flavor). I forgot what my boyfriend got, but I remember that he also really liked his ice cream choice (he had his in a waffle cone). 

Business seems to be pretty good at Ed's Real Scoop - the whole time we were there people kept coming in - most seems to be locals grabbing a treat after dinner.

I would definitely go back to try other flavors because I was impressed with the quality of their ice cream - in taste, texture, and creaminess.  I haven't had ice cream this good for a loooong time. Too bad I'm hardly in the Leslieville area though.


Chelsea said...

I've heard such great things about Ed's Real Scoop ice cream! The burnt marshmallow flavor sounds delicious :) I wonder how good their gelatos are...

The Food Junkie said...

Hi Chelsea. I've never tried their gelato, but my friend, who is a gelato fan, loves the gelato at Ed's Real =) She bought a pint home last time she was there~

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