Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Amore Trattoria - Worst Brunch Ever

My two friends and I went to Amore Trattoria for brunch one Sunday a couple of months ago. It was a last minute get together and we were looking for something around the Yonge & Eglinton area. There are a lot of restaurants on that Yonge strip (I find that most are Italian restaurants) and because I don't frequent that part of town often, I didn't have a preference on where to go and so we stumbled into Amore Trattoria.

After I set foot into Amore TrattoriaI was pretty sure I have been there for brunch before a few years ago but I can't be 100% sure. Can't say if that's a good sign or a bad sign.

Pretty empty for Sunday brunch. It was around 11 at the time so it's not like we were super early. Please excuse the quality of the pictures by the way; these were not taken with my SLR or my Samsung point and shoot but rather with my iPhone4. Not too shabby still, no?

Pizzzaaaaaa! Nobody is even manning the oven so obviously no pizza brunch for me.

Peach Waffle - Served with peaches, raspberry coulis and strawberries. This is probably the MOST BORING waffle I have ever seen, served at a restaurant, in my life. Canned peaches and like what, 3 strawberries cut in half with three slobs of whipped cream on the side? And they can dare charge $9.25 for it? It wasn't even hot, warm at most. Worst. Waffle. Everrrr.

Crepe - Brie cheese and asparagus, topped with raspberry coulis. Again, the worst crepe ever. Why? Well, first, look at the presentation of this. Look how the cantaloupe and orange were sliced and the small strawberries randomly placed on top. Second, this crepe was finished in 4 bites, and that was because we were cutting it up in very small pieces just so we don't finish it too quickly. Third, the brie cheese and asparagus filling wasn't bad, but it wasn't anything special either, there was so little of it (you can tell by how thin the crepe is). Lastly, I'm not fond of this "raspberry-coulis-on-everything" deal. Had it on the waffle, and now on a savory crepe too? So again, $9.25 down the drain for this. My friend Jean and I shared the waffle and crepe; I don't know about her but I was not satisfied at all.

Frittata - Smoked salmon, red onion, capers and dill. This frittata is the most decent looking plate that day. Although it looks a bit on the dry side to me, my friend Simon liked it. But still, $10.25 for this? 

I assure you I will never ever go back to Amore Trattoria for brunch. I can't say I will willingly go and try their lunch or dinner either unless I absolutely HAD to for some reason or another. All the brunch items that we ordered were ridiculously overpriced.

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kiki's B.F.F said...

LOL... i past by this place several time wondering if we should head in for Lunch/Brunch =P Good thing I didn't, even the picture wasn't very satisfying.... i would definately head over to The Cupcake Shoppe to fill in the void

The Food Junkie said...

@kiki - I'm sooo glad you didn't go in then! Isn't the presentation HORRIBLE? And like you said, a lot of the times the pictures actually look better than the food actually tastes, but not this time NOPE! BOTH horrible :S

Joanne said...

I agree! The waffle looks pretty sad! And the crepe looks awful with the raspberry coulis. Why'd they put the fruity stuff on a savoury crepe? Yuck! You would have probably had a better brunch at the Pickle Barrel and that is by no means an accredited foodie place either, just saying.

The Food Junkie said...

I dunno, Joanna, I dunno...I really wonder if they were even thinking AT ALL. Period. To be able to serve that kinda food and charge their prices? It seems like they don't even want customers to come back and drive them away instead hahaha :) I'm SURE Pickle Barrels serves better food than this crap place

Anonymous said...

common 10 dollars.. sounds like your cheap.

Think about all the hiding costs restaurants pay for, wages, rent, utility cost, alcohol, groceries just to name a few. They have to make money somewhere to me 10 dollars is fairly cheap if you ask me.

The Food Junkie said...

Haha yeah I guess I'm pretty cheap! The most I would pay for THAT crepe/waffle is probably 5 bucks LOL

Julie said...

I found that place so filthy!!! Everything I touched was sticky!!!

foodieyu said...

Oh that's awful!

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