Friday, December 3, 2010

HugTO's Cookies & Champagne Party

I had a blast seeing old friends and meeting new ones at HugTO's Cookies & Champagne Party on Tuesday. It was held at Arta Gallery at The Distillery District; I thought it was the perfect venue for a fun yet classy party where us girls got to mingle, sip on chilled champagne and munch on delicious homemade cookies. I want to take the opportunity here to say a quick thanks to Lisa (@HipUrbanGirl) and Wendy (@BossLadyWendy) from HipUrbanGirl for throwing such awesome #HugTO parties, each and every time, without fail! 

HUGs attending the party have two options: 1)  attend for networking only, or 2) network and bake cookies as (4 dozen) which would allow them to participate in the cookie exchange. Me, being a foodie that I am, felt like it was my duty to bake, and so I baked 48 of my favorite chocolate chip cookies. Although they are my favorite, they looked sooooo plain compared to some of the fancy cookies that night O_o 

Oh well...that realization came a bit too late LOL

Back to the party :) Here, HUGs were setting up their cookies.

During the party, guests had the opportunity to try the delicious crepes from Crepes de Licious. I had one myself - Nutella & strawberries. Very yummy.

I had to peel myself away from these delicious Summer Fresh Dips dips. My favorite was the hummus dip, it was soooooooooo good! I dipped every one of my baby carrots and Lavash Crackers in it.

Once everybody's cookies were set up, it was COOKIE EXCHANGE TIME! HUGs that baked cookies gathered around the table and each person was allowed to take 40 cookies home. Any leftover cookies were then available for everyone.

Here are just some of the cookies there that night...

And more....

I believe all the HUGs that night, to some degree or another, became cookie monsters (the Hip and Urban kind, of course).

These are the cookies I took home. I actually ate a few cookies before taking this picture, I couldn't help myself OK? =)  And by the way, the half cookie at the bottom, it broke in the bag (not half eaten LOL)

The HugTO's Cookies & Champagne Party was such a success! I can't wait for the next #HugTO party ^_*


Lisa Ng said...

Wow - thanks for all your amazing photos!

kiki's B.F.F said...

Awww... yummy, wish I could have attend... just if it's not a weekday & so early >___<

Liana @ femme fraiche said...

Looks like the event was just as good as it sounded it would be! Sad I couldn't make it out maybe next year...enjoy your loot!

The Food Junkie said...

@Lisa - No, thank YOU for hosting such great parties :)

@kiki - I totally feel ya, if I work in Mississauga there would be no way for me to go to downtown so early on a weeknight :S

@Liana - It was fun! Met lotsa cool HUGs and took home (as you can see) cookies that can last me several weeks LOL

Ronald said...

'Insert Cookie Monster picture'

Joanne said...

This event looks like so much fun! Wish I could have attended! I love baking cookies and sharing them :)

The Food Junkie said...

It was! HugTO hosts many events though throughout the year so I'm sure they will do something soon (although they may not be baking related lol)

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