Monday, June 20, 2011

Dinner at the Four Seasons with Iron Chef Champion Chef Rob Feenie

I felt extremely, extremely lucky to have been invited to Salut Food + Wine Festivals' Grand Finale dinner, hosted by Visa Infinite, at the Four Seasons Hotel last month. This was a rare chance to experience and taste an exquisite multi-course menu prepared by Chef Rob Feenie, Canada's first Iron Chef Champion. That night, he who worked alongside with Four Seasons Toronto's Executive Chef, Thomas Bellec. Hmmm I guess the title of this post is a bit misleading - I didn't have dinner with Chef Rob Feenie...I had dinner prepared by him ^_^

For those who do not know Chef Feenie, here's a short description about him from Salut's Event page:

"From France to North America, Chef Feenie is revered for his mastery of French cuisine. Throughout his career, he has worked along side various world renowned Chefs including Emile Jung, Charlie Trotter and Jean-Georges Vongerichten to name a few. Chef Feenie has received the Relais Gourmand Designation, and was awarded the Traditions et Qualite & AAA Five Diamond Award.

In addition to publishing three cookbooks and starring in New Classics with Chef Rob Feenie on Food Network Canada for five seasons, he is most noted for claiming the Iron Chef title after defeating Chef Masaharu Morimoto on the Food Network's Iron Chef America."

By the way I thought I would share Wikipedia's photo of Chef Marimoto lol (^_^)V

The dinner was held at Four Seasons's Truffles, which is now a private dining room (the restaurant closed back in 2009 after 37 years).

Elliot Faber, Salut's Wine Director & Operations, and I at the champagne reception.

Photo credit: The Kitchen Shoot

5 wine glasses + 1 water for each person. 

Mark Schatzker from The Globe and Mail, was the host that night. He is also the author of "Steak: One Man's Search for the World's Tastiest Piece of Beef".

Chef Bellec and Chef Feenie being introduced to the guests.

Every single course that night was like phenomenal, extremely unique, and was unlike anything I've ever tasted (in a good way haha). I included some random notes I took during the dinner :)

Soup of BBQ duck broth, with a BC spot prawn and dungenous crab ravioli.

Lobster carpacccio with beet jelly, olive oil sorbet
(lobster was cooked for 1 minute)

Citrus cured steelhead cooked sous vide, curry lentils
(steelhead cured for 5 hours and cooked for 12 mins with vanilla oil)

Fraser valley duck and chicken presse, foie gras boudin with parsnip puree and carmelized onion foam.

I you, foie gras

Chef Feenie came by our table to say hi :)

Fine Canadian cheese (from bottom left): Alber's Leap, Louis d'Or, Avorlea Clothbound Cheddar

Citrus terrine with lemongrass and vanilla
(palette cleanser)

Strawberries and Cream - Strawberry ice with white chocolate cremeaux and coconut salad.

Freshly baked coconut and toffee bits chocolate chip cookies.

Everyone got a gift bag to take home.

I was so happy to see this beautiful Ocean Wise cookbook inside.

The pictures inside make me drool.

An "all you need is cheese" apron. If all this isn't a sign that I should cook more, I don't know what is (I still haven't used the apron I got from the Menchie's opening).

Make sure you visit my friend Phelia's food photography blog The Kitchen Shoot; Phelia was the photographer that night on behalf of CityBites Magazine and she took some fantastic shots of Chef Feenie, Chef Bellec and the rest of team working in the kitchen. 


msong said...

Everything looks exquisite! I am so envious!

I had some questions for you--it is a tad personal, so I leave it totally up to you to answer or not (I will not be offended if you don't respond).

1. How old are you and how did you manage to get all these invites to where the food-elite unite? How long have you been doing this for? I am a foodie myself, although nowhere near as intense as you, but I'd like to try my hand it for sure!

2. Where do you get the money for this (i.e. maintaining website, and of course, for all the eating-out you do)? You do have another job, right?

I'd really appreciate it if you answer, but again, no hard feelings. I will always love this blog! <3

Spatulageek said...

Those pictures are amazing! I guess you were carrying you camera this time? :)

Never had sous vide or foam anything! So jealous!

I think this is your full time job and then you have something else on the side.

Sand Wongsta said...

I agree, the pics as usual are divine...they fully capture the essence of the food so well and i think ppl do notice and love your blog cause ur pics are so well taken.
you are so lucky and have made quite the name for yourself and i know i am and i am sure others are so proud of your work so hard at this blog for nothin in return but to know ppl enjoy ur blogs and that is so selfless of you.
I can assure you I know I have referred you to many of my friends and not one has not thanked me for doing so and all of them love reading ur blogs and wait for the next anxiously!
So thank you for all ur selfless time and efforts in putting a smile onto all our faces and a grumble to our tummies… J great job S!

Ugogurl said...

Another good post... on another awesome food adventure...
It is really great to see you be invited to the "elite" events that most of us would love to attend, which means you are getting the recognition this blog and you quite rightly deserve...
Your pictures are drool worthy and would love to "talk photography" with you one day (over food of course) ^_^
Lemme know when and where.
Hoping to meet you soon.

Andrewkcleung said...

You deserve this special invitation from your hard work.

foodieyu said...

Thanks for reading, msong :) No problem I will answer your questions~

1. I've been out of school and working for quite some time now so not young anymore :( I started this food blog around 1 year ago and during this time, I've been promoting it on Facebook and Twitter. I also go to networking events where I meet all sorts of different people. Before I knew it I was invited to tastings and other media events. I really did not pursue any of it myself; I just blogged as usual and invites just came. I encourage you to start something if you love food too! I do it purely out of my passion for food and nothing else :)

2. I'm using BLOGGER as my blogging platform and it is free so I don't need to pay anything. I do have a full time job haha blogging does not pay me (hopefully it does some day) but for now, this food blog is my hobby and I love doing it.

foodieyu said...

Thanks! Yeah I had my SLR with me :) A must at an event like this! 

foodieyu said...

Thanks Ugogurl~ Looking forward to chat with you soon :)

foodieyu said...

Thanks, Andrew! :)

Exploded Daniel said...

the more posts I read the hungrier more jealous more upset I get

foodieyu said...

Don't get upset :(

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