Friday, August 5, 2011

Food Network Canada's Casting Call!

Lorna, Casting Coordinator from Architect Films, emailed me last week and told me about a brand new game show that the Food Network Canada is coming out with~ They are looking for Toronto foodies, people who really love food, who are comfortable in front of the camera to be on a trivia-based game show! There's no cooking / judging involved - just questions, answers and $$$ awarded to the correct answers~ Loads of fun, right? ^_^

My fellow food lovers...if you have always dreamt of being on TV, this is your chance! =D

Casting Calls - Food Network Canada
Food Network Canada's Facebook Page
Email Lorna


kikisbff said...

LOL, did you sign up ?

Joanne said...

Love food-related trivia!! I just don't want to be on TV!

Howard said...

You should go for it!

Spatulageek said...

I'm signing up right now but I won't have a chance if I was against people like @Foodieyu or @Eatherenext. lol

Jason Heinz said...

Good Luck!

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