Are Memory Foam Mattress Really the Best?

  • memory foamMemory foam mattresses are the latest technology in the bedding industry and have conquered it immediately. Following are some good reasons behind that and some negatives as well.


    • Eases joint aches and muscle pain.
    • Easily available in the market at cheaper rate.
    • Takes the shape of your body creating a comfortable experience.
    • Supports critical pressure points of your body thus reducing the chances of body aches.
    • It is bacteria resistant.


    • It generates heat while adjusting to body shape and temperature.
    • It sometimes produces strong to moderate odor during its newer days.
    • It takes some time to get adjusted to its actual shape and size after being unpacked so you cannot use it as soon as you get it.

    Every single thing has its benefits and flaws, but at the end the buyer has to be careful enough to select the mattress keeping his comfort level in mind. Based on the points by Foam Nights, you can decide on memory foam or not.