Low Profile Or Raised – Which Air Mattress To Choose

  • Serta EZ BedWhen it comes to buying air mattresses, the first things you look for is the comfort and the ease of inflating/deflating the mattress. But you would be amazed to know that the height of the air mattress also plays a key role. Here is what Sleep on Air says.

    Raised Air Mattresses

    These mattresses provide the feel of regular beds due to their height but can cause a nuisance if you have toddlers in the house. Kids can easily roll over the edges while they are asleep. But raised mattresses are great for the elderly or people who have knee problems.

    Low Profile Mattresses

    Perfect if you have kids in the house. Not so good if you have knee problems or hate getting up and sitting down on the floor all the time.

    Comfort wise, both the types of mattresses will do a pretty good job. It is your call which one you would prefer and why.