Pull-Out vs Pull-Down Faucets

  • In the market of kitchen faucets, the pull out and pull down models have enjoyed a huge dominance in the recent days. Both are quite reliable and user friendly models of faucets but the similarity of look and feel often renders the buyers in confusion as in which will be the best suited model for them. The buyers are not to be blamed for this. Most of the pull out and pull down models have the same kind of get up where the spout and the handle are attached with each other and a spray hose nestles inside the spout when not in use.

    kitchen faucetsBut there are some fairly reasonable differences as well with the two models to distinguish them physically. The pull down faucet has a taller spout thus it is ideal for sinks which have less overhead area. The actual spray hose may be much shorter compared to the spout. A pull out faucet on the other hand houses a shorter spout but a longer spray head for added flexibility. This is ideal if you want to pour water into bowls or dishes from the counter rather than the sink itself.

    Of course, there’s a lot more to it, but I suggest you visit Faucet Assistant if you want to know in more detail what the differences are.