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  • A Comparative Discussion Between Continuous And Batch Feed Disposals

    Among all the house hold essentials you might have, you cannot deny the importance of garbage disposals in your kitchen sink. Imagine how your kitchen will, and for that matter your entire house will smell without a proper garbage disposal system. There are broadly two types of garbage disposals, the continuous feed and the batch feed. In this article we are going to discuss the pros and cons of both the systems.

    Continuous Feed:

    As the name suggests, a continuous feed garbage disposal system starts running the moment it is switched on. They keep on grinding the garbage continuously as it comes. Following are some merits and demerits of continuous feed systems.

    Pros:garbage disposal

    • They are the ideal models for homes where a large amount of waste accumulation is very regular. The continuous grinding and disposal of the waste keeps the kitchen clean and hygienic.
    • It is cheaper and thus holds a better market nowadays.
    • If you are really busy in the kitchen or cooking for a huge volume of guests, you can peacefully keep on trashing
    • the wastes down the disposal without worrying about the clogging of kitchen sink pipe.


    • It can be a little unsafe if you are not careful enough. Since the power is always running, if you accidentally slide a spoon down the sink, a great deal of damage could be done before you can actually manage to power it off.
    • Since it is continuously powered on, you may be getting a little bit of hike in the utility bills.
    • The water usage will be more as a continuous flow will be required.

    Batch Feed:

    In this type of disposal, the waste is ground in phases or batches. In the coming paragraphs we are going to discuss some advantages and disadvantages of this system.


    • If the waste generation at your home is not much, then this is the best option for you.
    • These models come with a stopper in the opening to stop unnecessary things from going into it accidentally, thus preventing accidents.
    • With batch feed models, you need to fill the chamber first and then power on when you need a disposal. Thus if some foreign body is dropped, it can be removed before running the power.


    • For larger amount of waste this is not a good choice.
    • Since you need not power on while disposing, people have the tendency to deposit wastes in the chamber to grind them together when they have more time. But this leads to rotting of foods and other degradable waste causing several bio-hazards.

    Now you have got some specific ideas about how the two systems work. Hence you can decide which one is the best suited for your kitchen and needs.

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