Curly hair? Yes Please!

  • Curly hairLet’s accept, we women love to look good, and can go to exceptional lengths just to achieve this,especially since the introduction of curly hair. However, it is hard to achieve this with damaged ends to your hair. Most women have been able to hide this chagrin situation with the use of weaves. Good news, whether you are maintaining weaves, or going natural, flawless hair can still be achieved and this is how.

    There are basically three kinds of irons used to change the structure of the hair using heat. In this article we will focus on the special one, the curling iron. It is a tong or a heated rod used to create lovely waves or curls on the hair using heat. For women with a wider face, smaller barrels in diameter are most recommended since they contrive ringlets or spiral waves that make the face less full, and for women with narrower face, larger once are advised. This is because it gives shape and volume to a hairstyle.

    If you have damaged ends, holding the end of your hair in between the metal plates, actually gives it a lot of sleekness and shine. In addition, it gives one as well, a flat, soft curl, that is beautifully curled from the root to the tip which is wonderful to feel as well. With that said, just like any product in the market, tongs also have their pros and cons.


    # If you are the kind that likes to take their time to perfect, then this is for you. This is because waving your hair can take a long time, especially if you want it to look perfect. Different people have different hair. Therefore the thicker the hair, the longer it is going to take.
    # Whorling uses heat which is not good for the hair. Heat can cause split ends and permanent damage to the hair. It should therefore not be a daily activity to save the heat, as well as your hair.


    # It depends on the kind you are using. Heating rods that lack clamps normally form breath taking hair waves.
    # It has several heat settings, and mostly applies to those that actually have clamps. It costs only about $30, hence, making it affordable, and can design super cute waves.

    If you want to achieve a smooth wave, then it is good to invest in this product,so as to get one that works really well. This in turn will save time when getting out of bed, and money that you would have used if compared to the purchase of a poor quality kind of product.

    According to the 2015 curling reviews,the best hair types for heating rods are fine, curly and coarse types. Depending on performance and versatility, it is advisable to use spring clamps, and for precautionary or safety measures, it is best to use an automatic shut off rod, swivel cord glove and/or a heat resistant glove.

    With that said,this product is a must have! And at That’s Foxy you can learn about anything you need to know before buying one, I suggest you take a peek.