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  • Why Should You Choose Washlets?

    TOTO SW554-12 Washlet S300 Elongated Front Toilet SeatWashlet is a trademark from Japanese toilet makers TOTO, and it means it’s a toilet where an automated stream of water is used for washing instead of papers. Some toilets offer washing only one part while some have oscillating nozzles that move back and forth to do the washing.

    Some washlets come with heated toilet seats for added comfort while some models let you control the temperature of the water as well. TOTO has introduced Washlet add on for some of their older toilet models that did not have the washlet facility.

    The washlet function is usually controlled by buttons. Once you buy a model with washlet or install washlet function in your existing toilet, buttons are also installed. Just press the button for the function you want and it is done.

    Of course, washlets let you forget the messiness of toilet papers. They keep infection from germs to a minimum. Since the usage of toilet papers is minimized, they are quite very environment-friendly as well.

    Right now many washlet model toilets are available in the market. If you are looking for more comfort in your toilet or are just health conscious, opting for one seems very reasonable.

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